Why adopt a tool to manage your business calls?

The success of a good management of professional calls on the part of a company guarantees its success in advance. The growth of some companies is guaranteed because they offer a friendly online home, which means a lot to the customers. These phone calls play a vital role in communicating with customers and business partners. To do this, so that your customer experience on the phone is pleasant, your company must equip itself with the appropriate tools. In this article, you will discover the rea... Read

Why take advantage of anti-DDoS service web hosting?

Taking advantage of anti-DDoS service web hosting is a boon for most of the entrepreneurs who are online. It is a service that has several advantages and allows one to succeed effectively without having any problems on the internet. What are the advantages with the anti DDoS service web hosting? What to do to effectively take advantage of the anti DDos service? Read this article to get more details on the subject. Take advantage of secure hosting The anti DDoS service gives you the opportunity t... Read

3 Reasons Outsourcing Salary Calculation to Hong Kong is a Great Idea

Outsourcing salary calculation is becoming increasingly popular among companies worldwide. One destination that has emerged as a popular choice for outsourcing salary calculation is Hong Kong. This country becomes a top choice for this service because of its competitive business environment and skilled workforce. In this article, you will discover, three reasons why outsourcing salary calculation to Hong Kong is a great idea. Cost-effective solution  Outsourcing salary calculation to Hong K... Read

How to play at JetX Bet Casino for real money?

If you fancy trying your luck online at a casino, JetX Bet Casino is a great option. It offers a variety of lucrative games and promotions to players of all levels. This makes it a great place to start your online gambling journey. So how do you play at JetX Bet Casino? Find out how to sign up, make deposits and start playing. How JetX Bet Casino works ? JetX Bet Casino offers a wide selection of online casino games for real money.JetX Bet Casino is an online platform that gives you access to a... Read

Why are chatbots important for the emergence of companies ?

Still referred to as conversational robots, chatbots are a necessary tool for businesses. First of all, a company that wants to be emerging must adapt to the perpetual change observed in technology. It is an artificial intelligence allowing to manage the ever-growing number of customers. You can find some of the advantages of the chatbot here. To positively impact the customer relationship The chatbot, when used properly, is an effective way for companies to improve the customer experience, you... Read

Amazon is installing AI-powered cameras in its delivery vans to monitor driver behavior

Online retail giant Amazon has introduced AI-equipped cameras in the vehicles of their drivers to monitor drivers and warn them against unsafe road practices.  Smart Cameras Despite criticism aimed at the company for making their drivers complete up to 200 deliveries every day, Amazon has chosen not to reduce the workload of their drivers. Now, Amazon is set to start using AI-equipped cameras to alert drivers if they're contravening road rules or engaging in harmful practices. Amazon will also u... Read

Greta Thunberg effigies burned in Delhi after tweets on farmers' protests

Miniatures of Swedish environmental campaigner Greta Thunberg have been burned by counter-protesters in Delhi after she expressed support for India's protesting farmers in a series of controversial tweets.  International Interference In Delhi, scores of enraged protesters gathered to protest against several international celebrities including the pop star Rihanna and Greta Thunberg. Thunberg and Rihanna sparked outrage in India and drew the ire of the government after sending out tweets about th... Read

Aung San Suu Kyi aide arrested after saying Myanmar coup was 'not wise'

Just a few days after carrying out a coup that has sparked outrage and received criticism from several quarters, the Myanmar army has arrested a prominent aide of ousted leader Aung San Suu Kyi. Slew Of Arrests This latest arrest is coming hot on the heels of the erstwhile Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi and Myanmar President Win Myint. Both were arrested and held on Monday after the military usurped the government and granted control of the country to army chief Min Aung Hlaing. The former lead... Read

World's First Successful Face and Double Hand Transplant Completed

In a landmark achievement, the very first successful face and double hand transplant has been completed by doctors at New York University's Langone Health.  Tremendous Undertaking “We’ve succeeded in a tremendous undertaking that shows we can continue to take on new challenges and advance the field of transplantation,” Dr Eduardo D Rodriguez, who has led at least four face transplant surgeries, remarked in an interview with NBC’s The Today Show. The procedure was performed on a night shift worke... Read

UK economy to ‘recover rapidly’ this year as vaccines are rolled out, Bank of England says

According to predictions made by the Bank of England, the economy of the UK could return to pre-pandemic levels by early next year as a result of the easing of restrictions facilitated by the rolling out of vaccines.   Growth Will Be Stronger Than Previously Thought The economy shrunk 10 per cent last year, performing better than the Bank of England had predicted in November.  Nevertheless, people may have to brace up for tough weeks ahead as output is expected to nosedive again in response to l... Read