Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Bad Ass Book Reviews: Just to Watch Them Die Anthology from Gutter Books

Welcome to Bad Ass Book Reviews with Jesse Rawlins!

Jesse has become one of my favorite writers I've met online. I accepted one of her stories back in October and have built a friendship with her since. She's smart, witty, and a damn fine writer. Yall will love the story she has coming. Until then, yall can enjoy a couple of new features she'll be bringing to the site.

She'll be doing regular book reviews for Story and Grit and an interview series called Ink-Quisitions. She's got a great schedule lined up. Over the next couple of months you can expect Sarah M. Chen (later this month), Steve W. Lauden, Hector D. Ramirez, Jen Conley, and Mike Creeden.

Yall give her a warm welcome and show her some love in the comments.

Now, her book review . . .

The Road Goes on Forever

Think dark. Think black. Think Johnny Cash. 

Then crudely toss two dozen Crime tales into a cheap pine box—like Editor Joe Clifford at Gutter Books did in late 2017. And what do you get? A kickass tribute Cash collection called "Just To Watch Them Die." And it's sure as hell worth readin'—with or without your boots on.

While you won't find memorabilia in this collection, you will find memorable stories. Stories that bleed. Characters that mislead. Folks who deserve killin'. And those that's willin' to kill 'em. 

Or gladly die trying. 

While I ain't about to put words in his mouth ... I think The-Man-in-Black would approve 'em. Cuz the stories in this anthology ring—with Johnny's kind of fire.

But the folks who wrote these stories ain't whistlin' past the grave yard. Some of them y'all may know. And some them y'all may not. But I reckon half a dozen will soon be talkin' smack with us right here at Story and Grit. And I gotta tell ya folks: that pleases me to death.

Heartfelt thanks to Mark Westmoreland for giving me this place to tango. Heartfelt thanks to all the writers who've agreed to come and play. 

Meanwhile all of us are grateful to all you Readers. And at least for the moment folks, that's all I got to say!

Jesse Rawlins

Jesse Rawlins Fiction Writer


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  2. Quite a taste indeed. Looking forward to more, Jesse. Cheers.