Submissions will open on January 1st.

What is Story and Grit?

Story and Grit is a home for writers of Rough South fiction, crime lit, and horror. It’s a magazine that enjoys stories with a southern twist. Whether it’s short fiction that is about hillbillies stealing the copper from A/C units, crime on the streets of Atlanta or horrifies readers with scary tales from the Louisiana bayou – Story and Grit wants to read it all.

What is Story and Grit looking for?

The idea is simple: give me stories with twang and dialect, backwoods and kudzu, and bad guys and shootouts.

I want crime fiction here. It can be a story set in a single wide trailer or a story about the DEA’s war on the Mexican cartels. The South is a big place with a wide range of stories to tell. Don’t limit yourself to rednecks and meth heads. Give me Deliverance, Hell or High Water, Smokey and the Bandit, and Mud.

If you write crime fiction that’s set outside the South – that’s okay, too. If it’s rough and greasy and tells a sharp story I want to read it. Story and Grit does not discriminate against good storytelling. Submit it!

If you write horror fiction make it scary, make it gruesome, make it scream! Make sure it’s set in the South. There’s not enough horror fiction set in Dixieland. I’m really interested in reading stories about myths and urban legends of the South, give me ghost stories from the Antebellum South, but avoid stories about zombies. I’m tired of zombies.

Story and Grit is interested in stories that are between 1,000-1,500 words. If it's any more or less your story won't be read.

Story and Grit is not interested in science fiction or fantasy.

Story and Grit does not accept reprints.

Story and Grit is not a paying market, but if we ever meet, I owe you a beer!

Finally, if you're going to submit to Story and Grit do me a favor and follow these guidelines

How to submit?

It’s easy. Send me your stories to storyandgrit@gmail.com.

In the subject title label the email SUBMISSION – TITLE OF STORY.

Do me a favor and attach your story as a Word Doc.

Include your bio at the end of your story. Let us know if you hang out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or have your own website. Don't forget the bio!

Who is Mark Westmoreland?

Mark Westmoreland is the producer and editor of Story and Grit. He's a Georgia native living in Oklahoma. He's a Netflix enthusiast, sometimes bourbon carouser, and Georgia Bulldogs fan. His short fiction has been published Shotgun Honey, Out of the Gutter, Spelk, and other places online. You can find the links for those stories on the Fiction page of this website.

His favorite writers are Elmore Leonard, Harry Crews, Stephen King, Larry Brown, Dennis Lehane, Brian Panowich, Don Winslow, Tom Franklin, Richard Price, David Joy, James Ellroy, Ron Rash, Cormac McCarthy, Joe R. Lansdale, Walter Mosley, J. Todd Scott, Frank Bill, James Lee Burke, Craig Johnson, Ace Atkins, Carl Hiaasen, Pat Conroy, Joe Hill, Greg Iles and Wiley Cash. If you tell stories like these writers he's interested in reading what you're writing.